Schleich 2017 Farm World Preview

What a week it has been! Both our blog page and our YouTube channel have been flooded with people checking out all the new Schleich horses and wild life figurines for 2017. Now it’s time to reveal some Farm World animals too!

If you haven’t already, you can check out both our Schleich 2017 Horses Preview and our Schleich 2017 Wild Life Preview. Also, be sure to have a look at our YouTube video on these releases too!

As I’ve mentioned in my previous posts, there is a possibility that there may be more releases than what we will show you today. If there is, I will update this post and notify you about it on Facebook, so make sure you’re following us on there! Let’s get into it!


Schleich Duck 13823


Schleich Drake 13824


Schleich Rooster 13825


Schleich Hen 13826


Schleich Rabbit 13827


Schleich Goat 13828


Schleich Goat Kid 13829


Schleich Labrador Retriever Female 13834


Schleich Labrador Retriever Puppy 13835


Schleich Cat 13836


Schleich Farmer with Goat 42375


Schleich Dog Kennel Set 42376

It looks like the new people figurines MAY have moveable arms. If you look closely at the shoulders, it seems as though they may be able to move up and down. This is just a prediction, but I really hope it’s true! I will let you know when we get them in🙂

So, what do you think? I quite like the Dog Kennel Set with the girl. Comment which one(s) you like!

As we see there will be new ducks and chickens, we can assume the older styles will be retiring next year too. Visit MiniZoo to get your hands on the Schleich Farm Animals there before they retire!

Thanks for reading and I’ll see you next time!

Tahnaya 🐔

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Schleich 2017 Wild Life Preview

Welcome back to another blog in our 2017 figurine releases series! In this blog I will show you the new Schleich Wild Life animals of 2017.

If you haven’t already read our last blog, we revealed some pictures of the 2017 Schleich horses that are due to be released next year. You can read it here.

We are not 100% sure if this is all that Schleich will be releasing in their Wild Life range. On the Schleich website, and on their Facebook page, they said that there would be a Sloth in 2017. We do not yet have a picture for this so I am fairly sure that there will be more wild animals joining the 2017 range. When there is further information, I will add more pictures to this blog. For now, enjoy the new pics! These photos belong to Schleich. You can also watch our YouTube video to see these animals too! Remember to comment which one is your favourite!


Schleich Asian Elephant Cow (Female) 14753


Schleich Asian Elephant Bull (Male) 14754


Schleich Asian Elephant Calf 14755


Schleich Black Panther 14774


Schleich Fox 14782


Schleich Giant Panda Male 14772


Schleich Giant Panda Female 14773


Schleich Gorilla Male 14770


Schleich Gorilla Female 14771


Schleich Jaguar 14769


Schleich Kangaroo with Joey 14756


Schleich Moose Bull (Male) 14781


Schleich Orangutan Female 14775


Schleich Orangutan Young 14776


Schleich Sloth Bear 14779


Schleich Wild Boar 14783


Schleich Green Anaconda 14778


Schleich Bald Eagle 14780


Schleich Toucan 14777


Schleich European Forest Dwellers Pack 41458


Schleich Mountain Animals Pack 414591


Schleich North American Forest Dwellers Pack 41456

It looks like some of the animals are exclusive to the packs, such as the deer in the European Forest Dwellers Pack. That’s just what it seems like as I have not been able to find individual codes or pictures for some of those animals. Again, I will confirm this when I receive more information🙂

I’m pretty excited for the Sloth Bear. Finally, I’ll have a figurine to appoint to Baloo in my Disney characters blog 😄 What I am disappointed about though, is the fact that Schleich remakes a lot of their figurines. While some of the remakes are pretty cool (like the new black panther), I would have liked to see more ‘new’ animals joining the Schleich range.  I just question some of their thinking. What’s your opinion?

As Schleich is releasing new styles of pandas and a few others, we can assume that the older styles will be retiring next year also. See the full range of Schleich Wild Life animals at MiniZoo to get your hands on some before they retire! Go to the Schleich home page here.

See you in the next blog and stay tuned for a look into the 2017 Schleich Farm World animals coming soon!

All the best,

Tahnaya 🐒

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2017 schleich horses

Schleich 2017 Horses Preview

The end of this year is nearing, the new year is fast approaching and I think we all know what that means for us… new figurines! We have been fortunate enough to have gained access to some pictures of the new Schleich releases for 2017. These photos belong to Schleich.

I wanted to start by showing you the new range of horses, as I know just how much you all love your horses! I will upload new wild animals, farm animals, dinosaurs, Bayala etc. in another post when we get more photos. For now, enjoy the pictures of the 2017 Schleich horses below or see them in our YouTube video!

Schleich Andalusian Stallion 13821

Schleich Andalusian Stallion 13821

Schleich Andalusian Foal 13822

Schleich Andalusian Foal 13822

Schleich Haflinger Mare 13812

Schleich Haflinger Mare 13812

Schleich Haflinger Stallion 13813

Schleich Haflinger Stallion 13813

Schleich Haflinger Foal 13814

Schleich Haflinger Foal 13814

Schleich Hanoverian Gelding 13837

Schleich Hanoverian Gelding 13837

Schleich Hanoverian Mare 138171

Schleich Hanoverian Mare 138171

Schleich Hanoverian Foal 13818

Schleich Hanoverian Foal 13818

Schleich Icelandic Pony Stallion 13815

Schleich Icelandic Pony Stallion 13815

Schleich Lipizzaner Mare 13819

Schleich Lipizzaner Mare 13819

Schleich Lippizzaner Foal 13820

Schleich Lipizzaner Foal 13820

Schleich Pinto mare 13830

Schleich Pinto Mare 13830

Schleich Tennessee Walker Gelding 13832

Schleich Tennessee Walker Gelding 13832

Schleich  Tennessee Walker Mare 13833

Schleich Tennessee Walker Mare 13833

Schleich Tinker Stallion 13831

Schleich Tinker Stallion 13831


Schleich English Thoroughbred with Blanket 42360


Schleich Foal with Blanket 42361


Schleich Recreational Rider with Horse 42359


Schleich Show Jumper and Horse 42358

My personal favourite would have to be the Icelandic Pony Stallion, I love the wavy mane, the pattern, the colours and how he has his front leg lifted. I also like the texture of the Haflinger Stallion’s mane and tail and the Andalusian Stallion will pair beautifully with the 2016 Andalusian Mare. Actually, the more I look at them, the more I like all of them! The Tinker Stallion is majestic, the Pinto Mare is so pretty… Oh and the new sets! I love the foal with bottle and blanket, too cute! Which one is your favourite? Can you even pick just one? I obviously can’t. 🙈

As we see the new releases for Schleich, we can also get an idea of what might be retiring next year. For example, as there will be new Hanoverian horses, we can assume that the previous Hanoverians will be retiring. Take a look at the full range of Schleich horses at MiniZoo to get your hands on them now before you no longer can!

This is all exciting and it gets us thinking about 2017 and all the new products that will be coming out. Do you have any further predictions about what Schleich might be releasing?

Leave your answers below and subscribe to our blog to stay updated with all the latest news we hear  :)

See you soon!

Tahnaya 🐴

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Disney Characters in Real Form

Your Favourite Disney Characters – in real form!

Disney films are all uplifting, positive, encouraging and educational! The creative minds behind Disney brings amazing ideas to life, and (what we like best), they also bring amazing animals to life!

I have compiled a list of Disney Characters below and also named the kind of animal they are. Besides that I have added images of realistic animal toy figurines in the character’s true form. Click any of the images below to take you straight to that figurine on the website🙂 Now the kids can reenact their favourite Disney movies and learn all about the real animals at the same time!

MiniZoo does stock the amazing Disney character figurines from Bullyland too. Click here to see the whole range.

In alphabetical order of the Disney movie title:

101 Dalmatians:

Perdita/Pongo – Adult Dalmatian

Safari DalmatianDalmatian Papo

Rolly/Lucky/Dipstick – Dalmatian Puppy

Dalmatian Puppy PapoDalmatian Puppy Safari LtdDalmatian Puppy Schleich

A Bug’s Life:

Flick – AntAnt Safari Ltd Mini

Francis – LadybugLadybug Safari Ltd Mini

Dim – Rhino BeetleRhino Beetle CollectA

Hopper – GrasshopperGrasshopper CollectA

Slim- Stick Insect LordHowe Island Stick Insect Science and Nature

Rosie – Black Widow Spider Black Widow Spider Safari Ltd

Manny – Praying MantisPraying Mantis CollectA

The Bird – Finch Gouldian Finch Safari Ltd

Finding Nemo/Dory:

Dory – Blue Tang Surgeonfish Papo Surgeonfish 56024Schleich Coral Fish 42327

Nemo & Marlin – Clownfish Clownfish PapoClownfish Safari Ltd Mini

Bruce – Great White Shark Great White Shark Schleich

Anchor – Hammerhead SharkHammerhead Shark Safari Ltd

Chum – Mako Shark Shortfin Mako Shark CollectA

Crush – Sea Turtle Green Sea Turtle Safari Ltd

Squirt – Sea Turtle Baby Green Sea Turtle Baby Safari Ltd

Nigel – Pelican Pelican Papo

Gill – Moorish Idol Papo Moorish Idol 56026


Bloat – Pufferfish Pufferfish Safari Ltd

Hank – Octopus Schleich Octopus

Bailey – Beluga Whale CollectA Beluga Whale

Destiny – Whale Shark Safari MBA Whale Shark



Sven – Reindeer Reindeer Bullyland

The Good Dinosaur:

Arlo – Young Apatosaurus Apatosaurus Baby Carnegie Safari Ltd

Ramsey & Nash – Teenage T-Rex T Rex Young Mojo

Butch – T-Rex T Rex Mojo

The Jungle Book:

Baloo –  Sloth Bear, however he resembles a Brown Bear in the 2016 movie Brown Bear Bullyland

Akela & Raksha – Indian Wolf, subspecies of Grey Wolf Grey Wolf Papo

Gray – Wolf cubmojo wolf cub 387244

Bagheera – Black Panther Black Panther Papo

Hathi – Indian Elephant Papo Asian Elephant 50131

Tabaqui – Golden Jackal, also seen as a Hyena in some versions

CollectA Black-backed Jackal    CollectA Hyena

King Louie – Orangutan Papo Orangutan

Shere Khan – Bengal Tiger Safari Ltd Benal Tiger

The Lion King:

Mufasa – LionPapo Lion lion family

Sarabi – LionessPapo Lioness

Simba – Lion Cub Papo Lion cub

Rafiki – Baboon CollectA Baboon

Timon – Meerkat Schleich Meerkat

Pumba – Warthog Papo Warthog

Shenzi, Banzai & Ed- Hyena Schleich Hyena


Judy Hopps – Bunny Schleich Wild Rabbit

Nick Wilde – Fox Safari Ltd Fox

Chief Bogo – Cape Buffalo Papo Cape Buffalo

Bellwether – Sheep Bullyland Sheep

Mayor Lionheart – Lion  Safari Ltd Lion

Flash – Sloth Mojo Sloth

Finnick – Fennec Fox Safari Ltd Fennec Fox

I am in no way an expert in knowing all the specifics of these characters. If you have more information than what I know, please correct me🙂 Also, if you can think of some more characters you would like to see, send me an email here.

Hope you enjoyed looking through this list as much as I had fun putting it together!

Until next time,

Tahnaya 🦁

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Copy Cat vs Schleich sidebyside

Be Aware of ‘Copy Cat’ Brands

We have recently discovered a new range of collectable animals at a major department store. Not surprisingly, the figurines were exact moulds and colouring as well known animal figurine brands Schleich and CollectA. In this blog post, I want to make you aware of copy cats brands like these.

We picked up one of the horses, which we know is an exact copy of the Schleich Appaloosa Stallion. See the below image. On the left is the copied model, and on the right is the original Schleich model.

Copy Cat vs Schleich sidebyside

Both horses were bought brand new, and simply taken out of their packaging before this photo shoot. These copied animal figurines are usually cheaper because their quality is cheap. Have a closer look at the details of the copy. There are cracks running around the whole body and marks where the paint wasn’t applied properly, or has come off. The seam lines are quite obvious and we found unfinished areas, such as the ear, which was rough and falling apart when it should be smooth and solid.

Copy cat unfinished ear and seamlines Copy cat cracks and paint marks
Copy Cat vs Schleich length and width
The copy measured 13.6 x 2.6 cm (LxW) compared to the original Schleich horse which is 13.8 x 2.8 cm (LxW). We believe this 2mm difference between the two suggests that the Schleich model was used to make the moulds for the copy.

Schleich figurines are made of medical grade PVC and will last a lifetime. Original Schleich figurines are also hand-painted, with their focus on attention to detail. Copy Cats have been manufactured, causing defects that are often overlooked, as we have already seen in this one model.Copy Cat vs Schleich underneath cropped

If you’re still unsure whether a product is genuine Schleich or not, the best way to tell is by looking underneath for the Schleich stamp. Original Schleich products will have the stamp underneath as shown in the image. The top picture is the copy brand which has no stamp at all. The bottom is the obvious brand, Schleich.

So whether you were unaware of copy brands, didn’t know how to tell the difference, or were just looking for the best in quality, I hope this article was helpful for both collectors and general buyers of these figurines. I encourage all to support original ideas and #shopsmall to avoid these copies👍

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to send me an email and I will be happy to help you.

Schleich Appaloosa HeadIf you haven’t subscribed to our blogs, be sure to do so! Thanks for reading!

Tahnaya 🐴

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Featured Image

Comparing Brands of Model Horses

MiniZoo is Australia’s #1 home for high-quality model horses at the best prices. We frequently get asked about the differences between one brand compared to another brand of model horses.

Which is more sturdy, Breyer or CollectA?

What other brands are the same scale as Schleich horses?

What are the scales of the different Breyer horses?

Young model horse collectors are most familiar with the Schleich brand, but want to expand their collection and try other brands too. Today I will be answering the above questions using different breeds of horses as examples, and I will show you what can work, and what might not.

Example #1. Standard size, Arabian

From left to right: Breyer Stablemate, Schleich, Safari Ltd, Bullyland, Papo, Mojo, CollectA, Breyer Classic, CollectA Deluxe, Breyer Traditional

Arabian height   Arabian length

These images show the difference in the top 3 Breyer sizes. All Stablemates are made in 1:32 scale, while Classics are 1:12 scale and the Traditional are 1:9 scale. CollectA deluxe  horses are the same scale as Breyer Classics, making these two brands work well together. However, the CollectA horses are more sturdy and are heavier than the lighter plastic that is used to make Breyers. As you can also see in these images, our top brands (Schleich, CollectA, Papo, and Safari Ltd) are all very similar in scale (approx. 1:19) to one another with their model horses too.

Example #2. Heavy Horse, Clydesdale

From left to right: Safari Ltd Mini, Safari Ltd, Mojo, Papo, Schleich, Bullyland, CollectA, Breyer Traditional

Clydesdale height Clydesdale length

Neither Papo nor Bullyland carry a Clydesdale in their range, so I used a Papo Black Shire and Bullyland Shire Mare for the comparison of heavy horses instead. When compared to a Clydesdale of 23ocm in height (head to toe), we measured the Safari Ltd Mini Clydesdale approx. 1:120 scale, the standard Schleich Clydesdale Gelding to be approx. 1:18 scale and the Breyer Traditional 1:9 scale.

Example #3. Small Horse, Shetland

From left to right: Safari Ltd Mini, CollectA, Mojo, Schleich, Bullyland, Papo, Breyer Traditional

Shetland height2    Shetland length

Here I’m focusing on the comparison of our top six model horse brands. Safari Ltd has a ‘Good Luck Mini’ pony, but are yet to make ‘small horses’ for their standard horse range. When compared to a 140cm high Shetland Pony, the Safari Ltd Mini Pony is approx. 1:75 scale, the Schleich Shetland Pony approx. 1:20 scale, and the Traditional Breyer again at 1:9 scale.

CollectA horses as a whole are the best for scaled dioramas as their scaling stays consistent throughout the range. For example, while a Schleich Clydesdale and Schleich Shetland Pony might not look in scale next to each other, those horses in CollectA would (see above images for examples). CollectA is also the most sturdy of all the model horse brands. The legs do not bend easily like Schleich or Mojo horses can, and this makes them my #1 choice for collectors. Bullyland horses are made of the softest material out of the top six brands. They are quite easy to bend and therefore are a great choice for kid’s playtime.

If you haven’t read our last blog on the size comparisons of animal figurines, click here to read it. I will also be writing up one more post about the same matter with dinosaurs. If you have a particular type of dinosaur you would like to see compared with other brands, please email me at social@minizoo.com.au ASAP so I can contribute your ideas into the next blog post🙂

Should you have any other questions concerning product sizes, or would like to see a particular animal, don’t hesitate to send me a message at social@minizoo.com.au and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to leave a comment below and let me know if this has helped! If you haven’t subscribed to our blog already, there is a button in the right hand column that says, ‘Follow’. You will be sent an email each time we write a new blog post so you don’t miss out🙂

Thanks for reading!

Tahnaya 🐴

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5 Reasons to use Playmobil Toys for Imaginative Playtime

Playmobil is the latest brand of toys to come to MiniZoo. The brand is perfect for children’s playtime with their recommended age between 4 and 10 years old.

Playmobil zoo cart and keeper

From police stations and pirate ships to horse paddocks and amazing tree houses, the possibilities to play are endless. Your child’s imagination will expand and go places it has never been before! Playmobil accessories can be used with other brands too. Add some Schleich animals to the Playmobil zoo, or let some Papo pirates board the Playmobil pirate ship! Let your imagination run even more wild!

Here are a few reasons why Playmobil is great for imaginative playtime:

1. Playmobil is focused on producing a range of people figurines. This gives children a chance to connect with their toys on a personal level. Playmobil people can twist their wrists around, lift their arms up and down, and rotate their head as shown in the images below. They also bend at the waist so they can sit down too. These great features stimulate imagination and creativity for a child to use during playtime.

Playmobil Tractor dude moving logo

2. There are plenty of interactive features in Playmobil accessories. For example, the police van uses real lights and sound, the boats float in water and the firefighters use a working water pump! Find out what sort of features are included in each set by clicking one on our website and reading the description.

3. It has great play value per dollar. You can expand your collection further, in a shorter amount of time with Playmobil’s excellent prices. As their range is interactive and moveable, they make the perfect gift for the 4-10 years age group, starting at low, great value prices!

4. There is large range to suit any interest. Whether your child is an aspiring vet, or wants to sail the seven seas with their crew, they can do it with Playmobil! All the different buildings and vehicles are great fun to put together, and can create a bonding experience between parent and child for many years to come. Pirates, Policemen, Country Folk, and Zoo Animals are just a few of the great categories Playmobil toys are focused around.

Playmobil Large Tractor

5. The figures feature moveable body parts. The larger animals can bend their necks down to eat or drink, and move their legs to look like they are walking. See the images below as an example of these movements. Smaller animals can also move in other areas, for example, the meerkats can rotate their heads.

Playmobil Walking OkapiPlaymobil Okapi moveable necks

Where can I buy Playmobil in Australia? Find all the latest Playmobil play sets and more at MiniZoo. Located in Australia with fast shipping all over the world. You will find that each Playmobil pack on our website gives you a brief description of the product, an age recommendation, approximate sizes and we have even given you links to view the building instructions for each set! Expand your imagination and let it run wild with new creativity today!

What do you think of Playmobil toys? Let me know by leaving a comment below!

Thanks for your time

Tahnaya 🐯

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animal toy brands size comparisons

Size Comparisons of Animal Toy Brands

At MiniZoo, we frequently get asked about the sizes of animal toy figurines and the difference between one brand compared to another.

What does a Papo figure look like next to a Schleich figure?

What’s the size difference between Schleich and CollectA?

What’s the scale of Safari Ltd toys?

Today I will be answering these questions using some wild animals and dogs as an example. I will also be writing up more posts about the matter, one with model horses and another with dinosaurs. If you have a particular breed of horse or dinosaur you would like to see compared with other brands, please email me at social@minizoo.com.au ASAP so I can contribute your ideas into the next blog post🙂

Example #1. Tigers

From left to right: Safari Ltd Mini, Bullyland, Schleich, CollectA, Safari Ltd, Papo, Mojo, Wild Republic, Papo Large, Safari Ltd JumboTigers cm tallTigers cm long

When comparing to a 1m tall male Bengal Tiger, I found the Safari Ltd Mini Tiger is 1:70 scale, the Mojo Tiger to be a 1:16 scale and the Large Papo Tiger 1:9 scale. As you can see in these images, our top brands (Schleich, CollectA, Papo, and Safari Ltd) are all very similar in scale to one another. I will show you in the next few images that this applies to the whole range.

Example #2. Polar Bears

From left to right: Safari Ltd Mini, Mojo, CollectA, Schleich, Safari LtdPapoBullyland, Safari Ltd Jumbo

Polar Bears cm tallPolar Bears cm long

I’m using Safari Ltd as the top example here as that brand itself has three different size ranges we often get asked about. When comparing to a 1.3m high male Polar Bear on four legs, we measured the Safari Ltd Mini Polar Bear as 1:85 scale, the standard Safari Polar Bear to be a 1:22 scale and the Jumbo Polar Bear approx. 1:11 scale. The Safari Mini’s range from 2cm – 4cm, while the standard range works in the same scale as Schleich, and the Jumbo animals are quite larger, as shown in the above photos.

Example #3. Golden Retrievers

From left to right: Schleich, Papo, CollectA, Mojo, Safari Ltd, Bullyland

Golden Retrievers cm tallGolden Retrievers cm long

Here I’m comparing our top six brands, which are all very close in size. When compared to a 60cm tall Golden Retriever, the Schleich dog is 1:13 scale and the other brands are quite similar, with the larger Bullyland dog at 1:9 scale. There is also a Safari Ltd Mini Golden Retriever , which is 1.5cm tall making it 1:35 scale.

As you can see, the top brands I previously mentioned are very similar in scale with each other across their range of wild and domestic animals. This gives you a huge variety to choose from as they can all be used together for both playtime and in dioramas. We have recently been comparing the size of a featured animal to a well-known Schleich or Papo model in our YouTube video reviews too. We hope this also helps you to see the size differences between animals across all the brands.

If you have any other questions concerning product sizes, or if you would like to see a particular animal, don’t hesitate to send me a message at social@minizoo.com.au and I will be more than happy to assist you.

Don’t forget to leave a comment and let me know if this has helped! If you haven’t subscribed to our blog already, there is a button in the right hand column that says, ‘Follow’. You will be sent an email each time we write a new blog post so you don’t miss out🙂

Thanks for reading! Keep an eye out for the model horse comparison blog and dinosaur comparison blog coming soon!

Tahnaya 🐯

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Dragons for Everyone!

Following up on the last blog post, I have decided to write up on Dragons too!

Dragons are awesome. I don’t think you need me to tell you that. But, as I said in my last blog (click here to read it if you haven’t already), unicorns are stereotyped for girls, and it seems a lot of dragons are stereotyped for boys. Well, that doesn’t have to be the case at MiniZoo. From a female point of view, I think dragons are pretty cool. Dragons are also my mum’s favourite, and she even has a little collection of dragon figurines in her bedroom (sorry mum 😜).

For boys AND girls, younger or older, dragons can be for everyone. So here are my top picks for dragons. Simply click any of the images to view the product.

The Classic Dragon

Mojo steel dragon 43125.png

Mojo Steel Dragon

To me, a ‘classic’ dragon would be a fire-breathing dragon. It would have one head, a fully scaled body, no armour and painted in a dark colour.

Papo Articulated Dragon

Papo Articulated Dragon

Mojo has two great ‘classic’ dragons, however they are not shown breathing fire. For classic Fire-Breathing Dragons, I would recommend those of the Papo range.



The Not so Classic Dragon

Looking for something extra unique? Many of the toy figurine brands have very creative minds 10128 Safari Ltd desert dragonthat work for them, and this is clearly shown through their mytholo38972 Papo Fire Dragon Mangical range. Schleich has a Ram-headed dragon, Papo has a Dragon MutantCyber Dragon and Dragon Man, and Safari Ltd has a Desert Dragon which looks like a mythological Scorpion. These ‘other’ dragons are truly something special and make for a unique piece in your collection.

The Safari Ltd Dragon10134 Sun Dragon Safari Ltd10141 Sleepy dragon Safari Ltd

Safari Ltd has produced a great range of Dragon figures. They really think about their fans and mix their collection up, so there is something for everyone. This year, they released ten brand new dragons. See them all here.10131 Flower Dragon Safari Ltd

A pleasant surprise was that a lot of the new dragons were made suitable for both genders! The Princess Dragon, the Flower Dragon and the Love Dragon are just a few that 10133 Princess Dragon Safari Ltdare perfectly suited for little (or big) girls who want to add something extra special to their collection. I personally recommend the Princess Dragon, she is stunning!

The Multi-Headed Dragon

Why have one head, when you can have two? Or three?! Multi-headed dragons are popular for mythological playtime when you need to fight more than one opponent. Some great multi-headed dragons include Safari Ltd’s three headed fire dragon, the Bullyland three headed orange dragonPapo Two Headed Dragon SilverBullyland three headed orange dragon, and, of course, Papo’s great range of two-headed dragons.

The Dragon RiderSchleich Dragon Rider

Thanks to the ‘How to Train Your Dragon‘ movie series, dragon riders have become very popular in the world of imaginative play. Little boys and girls love the thought of having a Bullyland Dragon Ridermythological creature of such power as their own pet. Thanks to some great brands, this dream has become a reality! Find Dragons with riders from Schleich, Bullyland and Safari Ltd. Although suitable for both genders, none of these have female riders, unfortunately. We hope to see these brands produce a female dragon rider in the near future.

Papo Rainbow TranslucentThe Translucent Dragon

Papo have some great translucent dragon toys. Featuring amazing colours like pink, emerald, glow-in-the-dark, rainbow, and more, these fire-breathing dragons are great for girls too. Shine a light through the other side of them, and watch them glow!

TSchleich Dragon Knight on Horse with Lancehe Dragon Knight

There is a large range of Dragon Knights at MiniZoo.  These awesome knights ride horses with a dragon as their emblem. Papo and Schleich are the best brands for these figures. Add to your collection with some medieval Dragon knights!

It was so hard to pick only a few dragons to showcase here, as there really is a great variety of dragon figurine online. If you want to see many, many more that are now available, just click here to take you there.

Some other Dragon products you may like:

Folkmanis Dragon Winged PuppetDragon puppets – Take playtime to the next level with some Dragon puppets! Folkmanis have some great options including a three headed dragon, dragon baby, dragon in a castle and more! View the whole Folkmanis Puppets range here.

Dragon puzzles – for a limited time only, we have some Ravensburger puzzles on our discount page. See really cool dragons fighting in the 200pc puzzle, or go all out with the majestic Winged Dragon 1000pc!

RB12708-5_1_s940     Winged Dragon Puzzle       Dragon minis Safari Ltd

Mini dragons – The smallest dragons you ever did see! These little creatures are perfect for DIY projects, party favours, cake decorations and more!

Well, I could go on and on! But I’m sure you have things to do🙂 Before you go, don’t forget to let me know what you think of these products in the comments or by emailing me at social@minizoo.com.au. If you still haven’t read our last blog post, read it here: Unicorns for Everyone!

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Unicorns For Everyone!

Unicorns are everywhere at the moment. You can find them on pillows, shelves, shirts, in books, tv shows, and I could go on. The mythological creature is generally described as a white horse with a long horn. The thing is, though, a lot of unicorns are stereotyped to be pretty, princess, girly unicorns. That’s not a bad thing, but what about other people? I think we should all have the opportunity to own a unicorn!

So I’ve compiled a list of my favourite Unicorn figures from MiniZoo. I believe you can find something for every unicorn lover; young or old, boy or girl. Just click on the photos to see more. Let’s get started.

The Classic Unicornmojo_Unicorn__36178_zoom

I’ll start with one that is generally seen as a classic unicorn. This figure is from the brand, Mojo, and is simply a white horse with a long horn, as we described before. A perfect gender neutral creature for any mythological collection.

The Rainbow Unicorn

Schleich Rainbow Unicorn Mare 70524Schleich Rainbow Unicorn Foal 70525Schleich Rainbow Unicorn Stallion 70523

These stunning unicorns were released by Schleich earlier this year. This family of Rainbow Unicorns includes a Mare, Foal and Stallion. You will love the rainbow colouring in the mane and tail, making them suitable for any gender.

“This family of rainbow unicorns lives on a grassy plain by the rainbow river. In the light of the morning sun, the manes of the three magical creatures gleam in all the colours of the rainbow. Like most unicorns, they are very shy. The handful of lucky individuals who have seen them report that they are incredibly colourful and graceful. And they tell tales of gemstones in all the colours of the rainbow that adorn the flanks of the magical unicorns. Many mysterious tales are told about these creatures – and nobody knows whether the tales are true. But all the tales agree that the rainbow unicorns are incredibly beautiful and magical creatures.”

The Dark Unicornmojo dark unicorn 387254

The Dark Unicorn by Mojo was also released this year and became available at MiniZoo in late May. The Dark Unicorn is the same mould as the Classic unicorn we saw earlier. Dark Unicorns can easily camouflage into a dark forest, making them more rare to see and a very special piece for any collector.

See the Mojo Dark Pegasus, Papo Black Pegasus, or Safari Ltd’s Twilight Pegasus for more ‘dark’ mythological horses.

The Baby Unicorn

We stock a variety of Unicorn foals to suit your taste and style. These include the Bullyland Unicorn Foal, Papo Young Unicorn, Safari Ltd Baby Unicorn, Schleich’s Bayala Miriel, and of course, the Rainbow Foal we looked at earlier. Click on the photos to see each product or view them all online here.Bullyland Unicorn FoalPapo young unicorn 39078Safari Ltd Unicorn Babyschleich Miriel unicorn 70494

The Battle Unicorn

Papo Reared up Unicorn BluePapo Black and White Unicorn Pegasus 38829

Papo have done exceptionally well with creating Unicorns specifically for the miniature world of knights. These unicorns are equipped with armour, ready for battle! There is a variety of Papo knights available that can be used to ride these Papo Unicorn Knightmagical creatures into battle.

There is even a Unicorn knight. That’s right, boys, an awesome medieval knight with a sword, shield and armour, fighting for Unicorns. Can you get any cooler than that?!

Those are just some of the Unicorn figurines we stock. Notice how all these unicorn toys aren’t only female? There are quite a few Unicorn Stallions available too, and the only difference between a Horse stallion and a Unicorn stallion is that the Unicorn has a horn on it’s head and is a mythological creature. That actually sounds more masculine to me than not. Boys collect horse models, and they can collect unicorn models too. Unicorns are perfect for medieval castle play with dragons and dungeons. View our full range online.

Some other unicorn products you may like:


Mini Unicornssafariltd mini unicorns – These little beauties from Safari Ltd are perfect for use in DIY crafts or favours for a party, too! Each mini unicorn is approx. 3cm long. Too cute!

Plush Unicorn5254__94501_zoom – The perfect unicorn soft toy to cuddle. This plush toy is made with the highest quality materials from the brand that makes the most realistic plush toys in the world, Hansa.

Well that’s it from me today! I may write a post of my favourite Dragons later too… Would you like to see that? I would really love to know your thoughts so please leave a comment, or email me at social@minizoo.com.au🙂

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